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  1. Our History Shijiazhuang Huaouda Co.,ltd is a professional enterprise specialized in importing and exporting business. Our Factory All products are produced in renowned factory at least with more than 20 years' manufacturing experience to guarantee stable quality, packing, labeling and delivery. Our Product In agriculture line, key products are hex wire netting, welded mesh, chain link fence, steel wires, metal gates, nails, steel pipe, shovel, rake, hoe, steel post, wheelbarrow, etc; In industry line, key products and service are metal mould, progressive stamping die, auto gluing machine, auto hydraulic machine, auto packing machine, auto slitting machine, auto tapping machine, etc. Product Application Agriculture, Construction, Industry Our Certificate CE, TUV, ISO9000 Production Equipment Hex Netting Machine, Welded Mesh Machine, Steel Wire Production Line, PVC Coating Line, Nail Machine Production Market Europe: 5 million USD America: 10 million USD Africa: 1 million USD Asia: 2 million USD Australia: 2 million USD Our service Supplying full tracking and professional service from quoting, producing, delivery to after-sales. wholesale Garden Metal Forks And Rakes website:http://www.hodwire.com/
  2. Vinyl Ether suppliers

    Our History   Hubei Xinjing New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. Over 20 years' hard working, we now have become a hi-tech enterprise of Hubei province science & technology bureau, with 3 production bases. Our Glutaraldehyde and Vinyl Ether series fill the market blank of China and are well sold in the international market. We got certificates of ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 EMS in 2005. Our Factory   Henan Jiaozuo Xinjing Co., Ltd.: We purchased 50mu of lands and founded 8,000T/A of production base  in local Chemical Park for Vinyl Ether and its downstream products, this production base mainly produces Methyl vinyl ether, ethyl vinyl ether, propyl Vinyl Ether, Isopropyl Vinyl Ether, N-Butyl Vinyl Ether, Isobutyl Vinyl Ether, Cyclohexyl Vinyl Ether, Ethylene glycol monovinyl ether, Di(ethylene glycol) monovinyl ether, 1,4-Butanediol monovinyl ether, Di(ethylene glycol) divinyl ether, Methyl-1-Propenyl Ether, Ethyl-1-Propenyl Ether and so on. Anlu Xinjing Co., Ltd.: Located in industrial park, this base mainly produces fine chemicals such as Acrolein downstream products and 1,1,3,3-Tetramethoxypropane. Jinzhou Xinjing Co., Ltd.: Covering an area of 40mu in Jiangling Industrial Park, this base now produces 2,000 tons of Cycloaliphatic epoxy resins (more than ten kinds) every year. Our Product   Glutaric dialdehyde/Vinyl ether/Intermediates /Aliphatic epoxy resin/PVM/MA Polymer. Product Application   Water treatment /Coatings/Pharmaceutical and Pesticide intermediates/Personal care products/Electronic chemicals. Our Certificate   ISO9001  ISO14000  TFS. Vinyl Ether suppliers website:http://www.xinjingchemnew.com/ website2:http://www.xinjingchem.org/
  3. Tubular Knob Lock in stock

    Structure: 304 stainless steel or Solid brass construction.(Item: 5831PS-SS) Function: 1-Entrance, 2-Privacy, 3-Passage, 4-Storeroom, 5-Classroom, 0-Dummy are available. Finish: SS, PSS, PB, SB, AC, AB, CP, PVD, US15A, or required. Latch bolt: 60mm (2-3 / 8") ~70mm (2-3 / 4") Adjustable latch as standard; Re-changeable Latchlate, Square corner as standard, Radius corner special request. 6 way latch (Fits 2-3 / 8" and 2-3 / 4" backset latch bolt + Square corner & 1 / 4" Radius Latch plate with re-changeable Type + Square & Radius Strike Plate, both required) Rosette: Small Rose (65mm) as standard, M (70mm) & L (75mm) also available. Keyway: KW1 (Kwikset) , SC1 (Schlage) , WR5 (Weiser) , Yale, C4 or special required. Door thickness: Fit doors 35mm (1-3 / 8") to 50mm (2") thick, easy to install. Pack: WBX (White Plain Box) ; CBX (Colorful Box) ; or VP (Clam Shell). Manufacturer sourcing service If you want to buy other related lock parts,We will try our best to help you purchase. Visit service 1. Reserve hotel and pick up service in the airport. 2. Professional team work with you in China market. 3. We have professional export team and shipping company. Inspection service Our professional QC team will inspect the goods for every cargo. Shipping service 1. Booking container, and arranging the shipment. 2. Making shipping documents.Tubular Knob Lock in stock website:http://www.senholock.com/knob-lock/tubular-knob-lock/
  4. Lead Stabilizer price

    Lead stabilizer for PVC Panel & Foaming Sheet LS-30 1. Application Lead stabilizer LS-30 is compound stabilizer used for PVC Panel & foaming Sheet /board,WPC application. 2. What can LS-30 bring to the PVC Panel & Foaming Sheet ? A:Endow the PVC melt has eminent thermal stability   B:Enhance the dispersibility of fillers in the PVC resin C:Improve the sheet whiteness and glossiness performance. D:Improve the PVC Panel & Foaming Sheet  mechanical properties. E: Endow your recipe with higher dosage of CaCo3 and make your recipe higher cost performance 3.Specification                 ItemIndex AppearanceWhite/yellowish flake/powder Whiteness≥92° Melting temperature70~90℃ Heating loss≤0.5% Density1.6~1.9g/cm³ 4. Recommended using: A:Keep the original formula unchanged. Recommended using dosage 4-5.5 PHR. B:Add Lead stabilizer LS-30 together with the PVC resin into the high-speed mixer. C:Keep the temperature about 115 ℃ for 8 ~ 10minutes. D:If you need to increase and decrease of CaCo3 content or want to adjust the lubrication system, please contact our technical service team:  E-mail: tech@pvcadd.com 5.Package and storage 1): 25kg/bag with PP bag and PE inner or Kraft paper bag. 600kg/bag Woven bag. 2): Loading capacity 20’container: For 25KG/bag:28 bags/pallet,total 560 bags, 14000KGS. We can load 15-16mt without pallets. For 600KG/bag:2 bags/pallet,total 20 bags, 12000KGS. 40’container: For 25KG/bag:24bags/pallet,total 1120 bags, 28000KGS. We can load 28-29mt without pallets. For 600KG/bag:2 bags/pallet,total 40 bags, 24000KGS.Lead Stabilizer price website:http://www.pvcchem.com/pvc-stabilizer/lead-stabilizer/
  5. 2048 Electronic Pet Training Mats 20*48 inch Indoor Pet Training Mat for Cats and Dogs Training Mat Shock Mat     Feature: ●Trains your pets to learn good house manners by keeping them off furniture, counter or other selected rooms. ●Keep your pet off furniture, away from a room or train them to not climb on your car. ●The Shock Mat is a valuable aid in training your dogs or cats to avoid areas you want to protect. ●Keep your dog or cat off the sofa, kitchen counter or out of any area. ●There is never any danger of injury to your pets. ●Shock Mat adjusts to 3 levels of correction, all in the range of familiar static shocks. ●Three patterns can be adjusted: L/M/H Product Attributes: Size: 12*60 inch(30.5*152.5cm) 20*48inch(50.8*122cm) 30*16(76.2*40.6cm) Material: PVC Work Model: low static Middle static High static Power:9V battery(not included) Package Include: 1 x Training Mat 1 x User Manual Note: 1.Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please underst and. Make sure you don't mind before you bid. 2.Please allow 1-5mm differences due to manual measurement.Indoor Pet Training Mat manufacturers website:http://www.sunwayes.com/indoor-pet-training-mat/
  6. WDTFRS-01 programmable Continuous Winder •Continuous winding operation with variable pitch on continuous lengths of round core material. Special pre-load settings for tightly wound Coils (droop test). •Base material (core) can range from .06" to .008". •Complete programmable touch screen controls. •Winding speed up to 3000 RPM. •Linear winding speeds up to 180" per minute. •Easy to use, very user friendly. Features ModelWDTFRS-01 Spindle No.1 Winding speed0-1200rpm (customizable) Winding wire diameter0.1-1.5mm(AWG38-15) Winding coil diameter0-220mm(8.6inch) Winding width0-500/750/1000/1500/1800mm(70inch) Power220v/50-60Hz  (customizable) Dimension1700*350*480mm((wind 1000MM length product machine) Weight220KG(wind 1000MM length product machine) Winding machine advantages 1. The use of independent bearing design, toothed belt replacement quick and easy. 2. Power-off save winding data, effectively avoid scrap coil. 3. wind to bobbin end side, intelligent deceleration, can fast winding thick wire. 4. Machine can automatic measure out the start winding data and winding width. 5. Can set the spindle climb time, you can set the winding speed up and down when the machine winding. 6. Full-English touch screen display, the operation more convenient and quick. 7. Using 32-bit ARM control chip controller, faster computing speed, effectively reducing the cable error. 8. All optical input and output isolation, work stability. 9. The use of Japan imported bearings, belts, Taiwan imported inverter and screw to ensure stable performance. Scope of application: Suitable for heating wire, resistance wire, mica sheet around the heating wire,mica band heating wire winding, Porcelain tube winding , and all longer coil products. Although their purpose was to wind tiny heater core coils, this same method is also used to wind similar coils such as those used for medical catheters You can see there is a drive shaft which transmits power to the opposing chuck. This allows for the coordinated rotation of both ends of the wire mandrel under power. The source spool of kanthal heater core wire is mounted on a constant tension dereeler device which is mounted directly to the traverse assembly. The source spool traverses at the same rate as the coil as it is wound. This allows the source kanthal wire to maintain a narrow angle to the mandrel wire The demonstration machine is configured to wind a coil as long as 24 inches. The coil length can be a long as 39 inches with an optional extended traverse housing.       After the mandrel wire is fastened to the hand tightened drill chuck, a toggle switch operates an air cylinder which pulls the tailstock back to place tension on the mandrel wire between the two chucks. When the coil is finished winding the toggle switch is again operated to push the tailstock in which releases tension on the mandrel wire so that the finished heater core coil can be slid off of the mandrel. The machine can easily be converted to winding coils that only need a single powered spindle if winding needs change.Heating Wire Winding Machine manufacturers website:http://www.chinawindingmachine.com/wire-winding-machine/heating-wire-winding-machine/
  7. Our History Zhejiang Reallin Electron Co., LTD., founded in 2004, is a specialized high-tech enterprise gathering the research and development. as well as production, sales and provide good service for its products which are including all kinds of Electricity Meters, AMI & AMR system, Test Equipments, Electronic Components… Our Factory The total factory area is about 200,000 square feet, and the dormitory is about 22,000 square feet. The company has over 300 staffs, and the R&D and Engineering technical team is more than 150 persons. The factory with its own SMT line, assembling line, Calibration, Aging , final testing lines. To make sure high quality and efficient & reliable production, the company input a series of high tech automatic machine & device .....The production capacity is around 6 million pcs single phase meters and 1.3 million three phase meters annually. The primary service of Reallin is focus in overseas markets in the world like European, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia Product Application Reallin always aims to offer high standard and high quality products for the customers. The excellent and enthusiastic R&D team, the advanced High-Tech equipments and numbers of patented technologies are the basement and the strong guarantee for the high standard and quality products. Normative and advanced scientific management provide the company and its products an successful access to be qualified according many international standards like ISO17025, ISO9001 and ISO14001, CE, MID( mode B and mode D), PTB, MIKES, KEMA, NMI, STS, DLMS, PRIME PLC, G3 PLC… Production Equipment -Reallin with its professional high standard laboratory is certificated by ISO17025 and its professional test team. The lab is approval as the authorised independent lab to proceed the testing for the third party. -EMC lab -Durability lab Accelerated reliability testing lab                           Gas Detector With LoRa Technology in stock website:http://www.reallin.com/
  8. Xi’an Oulang Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading trade company as well as a number of CMTBA( China Machine Tool Industry Association ) focused on machine tools products and complete sets of the mechanical equipment. Established in 2003, We are experienced in trading and providing professional,customized services, including CNC machine tools, ordinary tools items in technological updating, and engine bed overhaul services to clients all overtheworld.We have self-operation Export and Import Right, at present, our annual sales approximately hundred million yuan. We have a number of high technology experts and business management personnel. Over 80% of our staff bear senior or intermediate title. With professional and experienced staff members we will provide you considerate services. So far, we have established business relationships with domestic enterprises and Universities . Such as: AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd; AVIC Xi’an Aero-engine (Group) Ltd;     Xi’an Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group Co.,Ltd; China Aerospace Science&Technology Corp.; Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company;   AVIC Shaanxi Aircraft Industry(Group) Co.,Ltd;                  AVIC QingAn Group Co.,LTD;  Northwestern Polytechnic University ; Xi’an University Of Technology;   AVIC Xi’an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute. Business Ethic Aiming to be an influential, professional and environmental friendly machine tools products suppliers in global market,Oulang has established a long-time strategic management. Over the years, Oulang adheres to the"quality first, customer first, credit-oriented, integrity-based" operating principles. We will insist our original goal, keep innovating and endeavor ourselves to provide qualified products and services to  customers home and abroad. Welcome customers all over the world to contact us, we will devote ourselves to provide qualified services. Xi'an Oulang CNC Lathe Workshop Xi'an Oulang Titanium Alloy and Oil Machinery Workshop Easy Operated CNC Lathes price website:http://www.oulangmech.com/
  9. Our History Lan Fan Jewelry has developed to be a professional accessory manufacturer with almost 18 years of experience. 1). 2000, we build production base in DongGuan Machong, so far there have almost 200 people. 2). 2006, in order to provide better customer service, we established Kiss Diamond Jewelry in Hong Kong. 3). 2012, we established business relatioship with China General Agent of Italy Brand FABI, become to FABI China production base. 4). 2013, in order to increase products quality and production efficiency, we built a new factory in DongGuan Changan, currently our production capacity amounts to 100,000 pieces per month, and development capacity is 800-1000 styles per month, our products are exported to clients from all over the world. Our Factory Lan Fan Jewelry, a Hong Kong-invested enterprise, was established in 2000. Our company provides high quality products and better customer service and mainly manufactures 925 silver, brass and alloy simulation popular accessories. Products include rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, chains, bracelets, hairpins, brooches and cufflinks. All the products are made by hand. Depending on our good communication and constant improvement, we have got a good reputation among clients for competitive price. We have developed rapidly in a variety of markets. We have professional research systems, with advanced manufacturing and quality testing equipment. We are confident to make perfect products and meet your needs. Enterprise idea: Innovation leads fashion, better services for customers. Product idea: Perfect design, Painstaking creation, Diamond quality, Excellence. Our Product Fashion Jewelry, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Cufflinks, Brooches, Hairpins, Chains. Product Application Anniverysary, wedding, engagement, party, gift and more. Production Equipment           Production Market North America (The sales amount of last year was US$2 million), South America (The sales amount of last year was US$800,000). Our Service Pre-Sale Service: Offer newest products, make design drawing, make 3D, make quotation, sample making. In-Sale Service: Follow order process and send feedback to customers. After-Sale Service: Follow products quality, 3 months warranty of free charge for repair such as losing stone, scratch or other defective. China Big Pear White CZ Gold Plated Drop Jewelry Set website:http://www.lanfanjewellery.com/ website2:http://www.lanfanjewellery.net/
  10. Our History 1.GOLD BRAND factory founded in 2012 in Nantou town zhongshan city 2.GOLD BRAND factory attended the Turkey fair in 2013. 3.GOLD BRAND factory moved to zhonshan dongfeng town in 2014. and attended the 115th canton fair. 4.GOLD BRAND factory attended the 117th canton fair and Brazil fair in 2015. 5.GOLD BRAND factory  attended the 119th canton fair in 2016 6.GOLD BRAND factory attended the 121th canton fair in 2017. and attended IRAN fair in 2017. Our Factory Zhongshan Gold Brand electric appliance co .,ltd, Which is specialized in producing and selling European design kitchen appliances, including Gas Hob, Ceramic Hob, Gas Water Heater and Range Hood. With good expertise and professionalism on the kitchen appliances field. The products are with the most international approvals including CE,CB,EMC,GS etc. And the products are sold all over the world, covering Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, Middle east and Africa countries. Gold Brand and Skydnor now has developed to be top partners with worldwide top kitchenware manufacture, seeking for a WIN-WIN with our business partners is our ultimate goal, besides striving for quality and services excellence, we are accommodating to the needs of our clients. As a leading manufacturing expert, we will continue to cater to OEM orders for renowned INTERNATIONAL BRANDS while embarking towards technological advancement. Our Product Professional to make CKD/SKD for all product Gas Hob Gas Electric HobCeramic HobGas Water Heater Product Application Household kitchen appliances Our Certificate Production Equipment Main Market Our servicebuy discount Glass Top Gas Hob website:http://www.hobfactory.com/