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  1. wholesale 3 way ball valve

    Technical date Size G1/2".G3/4".G1.G1 1/4".G1 1/2".G2 Working Pressure 16bar Working temperature -30℃<t<120℃ FAQ 1. How many years guarantee for faucets? It depends on the materials, Generally speaking, 3-5 years for brass body faucets, 1-2 years for zinc faucets. 2. What is your MOQ? 100pcs. 3. How about the delivery time? Diffenertl order in 12- 40 days. Mers Environment, established in 1990, is one of the leading forged brass ball valve for water and gas with steel handle 2 way valve, hand valve manufacturers in China, offering the customized service at cheap price. Please be free to wholesale the quality, durable and discount products from our factory.wholesale 3 way ball valve website:http://www.mersvalve.com/brass-valve/brass-ball-valve/