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penalized four times for unnecessary roughness

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Steelers safety Mike Mitchell not only wanted to defend his reputation https://www.steelerspitzone.com/maurkice-pouncey-jersey-c-48.html, calling himself the least penalized big hitter in the NFL, but he also defended at least one of the two highly publicized hits that knocked out star players from the Baltimore Ravens the past two games.

Since 2014, Mitchell has been penalized four times for unnecessary roughness, once for roughing the passer against Kansas City’s Alex Smith two weeks ago and taunting. Two weeks ago, he was fined 48,620 for a hit on Kansas City’s Charcandrick West in which he wasn’t penalized and 9,115 for his late low hit on Smith.

When Smith called the late hit flagrant, Mitchell said, “I am not a dirty player” the following day.

“I have this knock of being https://www.steelerspitzone.com/lj-fort-jersey-c-49.html  this guy who is penalized so much,” Mitchell said. “I’ve gotten two penalties in over 50 games. I just hit people too hard so they associate me with getting penalties. But I’m not penalized. I got to be one of the least penalized big hitters.”

Mitchell said he didn’t agree with the one game suspension without pay given Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo, who knocked out Ravens receiver Mike Wallace and gave him a concussion last weekend.

It was the second game in a Matt Galambos Jersey  row the Ravens lost one of the top players with a questionable hit. Quarterback Joe Flacco was knocked out of Thursday night’s game against the Miami Dolphins after a late blow to the head from linebacker Kiko Alonso.

“Mike Wallace was a clear runner, a clear runner that ducked his head ,” Mitchell said. “You don’t want to see a concussion … [but] man https://www.steelerspitzone.com/steven-johnson-jersey-c-47.html, at the end of the day, you signed up to play football. But that’s all Sendejo did was make a football play in a football game. We all know what we signed up for.”

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