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temperature sensor iphone suppliers

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Product model:   HD01
Product name:   Tirebull HD01 TPMS Diagnostic Tool Tire Pressure Monitoring System tool tpms activation tool wake up tool tpms reset tool for car
Key features:
Make-Model-Year selection ensures correct activation and avoids crosstalk
Decodes sensor information and helps troubleshooting faulty sensors
Warns of a wrong sensor installed, missing or faulty sensor, duplicate ID, and incorrect sensor mode
Clearly arranged keypad and menu-driven operation
Prints TPMS health report including sensor ID, tire pressure, temperature, battery condition, and OE part number through computer
Easily charges the tool with either wall plug or by connecting to the computer
Life time free updates via USB cable
Strong housing and protective rubber boot for tough workshop tests
Work Voltage:DC4V--DC6V
Display:3.2 inch LCD black and white display
RF Transmitting frequency:433.96MHz±50KHz
RF Signal receive Sensitivity:-80dbm
RF Transmit signal modulation:FSK
RF Transmit signal encoding:DBP Manchester
RF Transmit signal baud rate:5Kbps
RF Signal transmission power:-10dbm
LF Signal work frequency:125KHz±5 KHz
LF Signal Modulation:ASK
LF Signal Encoding:Manchester
LF Signal baud rate:3.9Kbps
Wakeup Distance:Open area 1250px--1750px,after install tire<750px
Power:4Pcs battery.7#
Battery life:normal is 15 working days,standby is 3 months
Work temperature:-20℃~75℃temperature sensor iphone suppliers

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