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Lead Stabilizer price

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Lead stabilizer for PVC Panel & Foaming Sheet LS-30
1. Application
Lead stabilizer LS-30 is compound stabilizer used for PVC Panel & foaming Sheet /board,WPC application.
2. What can LS-30 bring to the PVC Panel & Foaming Sheet ?
A:Endow the PVC melt has eminent thermal stability  
B:Enhance the dispersibility of fillers in the PVC resin
C:Improve the sheet whiteness and glossiness performance.
D:Improve the PVC Panel & Foaming Sheet  mechanical properties.
E: Endow your recipe with higher dosage of CaCo3 and make your recipe higher cost performance
AppearanceWhite/yellowish flake/powder
Melting temperature70~90℃
Heating loss≤0.5%
4. Recommended using:
A:Keep the original formula unchanged. Recommended using dosage 4-5.5 PHR.
B:Add Lead stabilizer LS-30 together with the PVC resin into the high-speed mixer.
C:Keep the temperature about 115 ℃ for 8 ~ 10minutes.
D:If you need to increase and decrease of CaCo3 content or want to adjust the lubrication system, please contact our technical service team:  E-mail: tech@pvcadd.com
5.Package and storage
1): 25kg/bag with PP bag and PE inner or Kraft paper bag.
600kg/bag Woven bag.
2): Loading capacity
For 25KG/bag:28 bags/pallet,total 560 bags, 14000KGS.
We can load 15-16mt without pallets.
For 600KG/bag:2 bags/pallet,total 20 bags, 12000KGS.
For 25KG/bag:24bags/pallet,total 1120 bags, 28000KGS.
We can load 28-29mt without pallets.
For 600KG/bag:2 bags/pallet,total 40 bags, 24000KGS.Lead Stabilizer price

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