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Cyanide-free Alkaline Zinc Plating Made in China

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High Throwing Power Cyanide-free Alkaline Zinc Plating
ZN-265 alkaline zinc plating additive is a kind of brightener concentrated by a variety of polyamine compound. It can produce a smooth, bright, delicate and flexible zinc plating layer in alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating solution, and can completely replace the traditional cyanide zinc plating.
I. Properties
1, Electroplating can be carried out in a wide range of zinc metal content 5.5-18.5 g/L.
2, Can make the workpiece surface bright and decorative even the temperature up to 48 ℃.
3, Excellent covering capacity and dispersing ability in low current region, especially for some complex workpieces for rack plating. Such as pipes, fittings and computer shell.
4, Good dispersion capacity. High current density: low current density can reach 1.5. It can shorten the plating time and reach a minimum standard of coating thickness. Can improve the efficiency of the use of zinc.
5, Good tolerance with the impurities in the bath such as calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, cadmium and chromium.
6, It is suitable for low current density of barrel plating and wide current density range of rack plating.
7, Easy to accept various passivation post treatments.
II. Technical Formulation & Operation Condition
ComponentPhysical parametersConsumption
ZnO (g/L)10~20 (the best 15g/L)/
NaOH (g/L)100~140 (the best 130g/L)/
Zn-265A brightener (ml/L)10-1480~180ml/KAH
Zn-265B additive (ml/L) 0.5-2ml/L30~80ml/KAH
Zn-265C purifier (ml/L)2-4ml/LUsually no need add. When high impurities content or adding sodium hydroxide, it should be added properly.
Operation condition: Temperature
                                 Anode area ratio
Rack plating: Cathode current density
                          Cathode move
Barrel plating: Cathode current density
                          Barrel speed
0# zinc plate
0.5~8 A/dm2
8~12 time/min
0.5~8 A/dm2
6~8 time/min/Cyanide-free Alkaline Zinc Plating Made in China

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